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our approach

Every project is unique—but the elements of successful projects are always the same. Those elements of successful Clarion New Media projects are Communication, Preparation, Partnership, and Personality.


Understanding the specific needs of our clients and finding solutions that work within their budget is the most important element of success. We determine the who, what, and why of our clients and create compelling, engaging videos with an authentic aesthetic. CNM believes that communication is a dialogue, which is why we always present clients with detailed cost breakdowns, schedules, and creative strategies.


The more complex a project is the more important is to prepare. Our experience and attention to detail saves our clients time and money. CNM producers work through every possible scenario in a production and plan multiple contingencies to ensure there are no delays unexpected problems, or costs.


The CNM personality is professional and fun. We enjoy doing our work and we want our partners to enjoy working with us. Our core philosophy can be summed up in two words, “No ego.” The work is too important for that.


CNM views every working relationship as a partnership. The majority of our partnerships are with advertising and marketing companies that have their own in-house capabilities, but depend on CNM for projects on a larger scale.

As an outside partner, CNM focuses on both big-picture ideas and the fine details. We are able to do this without pulling valued members of existing departments away from other projects. CNM works closely with internal teams to match existing styles and processes.

Partnering with CNM also means that you’re partnering with hundreds of talented professionals who can provide their expertise on any given project. CNM has built valued vendor partnerships with post-production facilities, lighting designers, cinematographers, costume designers, hair and makeup artists, talent agents, casting directors, stunt coordinators, writers, recording studios, soundstages, and VFX companies.